What others say about us

"Nine years ago, we brought my son Michael home. He was nearly five and had been living in a Russian orphanage since birth. Michael was born with severely deformed lower limbs and weighed only twenty pounds. He also had many of the issues associated with institutionalization. After he turned five, Michael went through several surgeries to allow him to wear bilateral prosthetic legs. He also experienced intense therapeutic parenting to help him learn to love, trust and grow as a individual and a member of our family" … read more …
— Julie Iverson McCarthy

"There are few individuals that I have ever seen in my world travels who can even compare to his ability … most people don’t understand the importance of what Sensei Kohn does and what an impact he has on the lives of others, not just those who participate in his classes. He shares his knowledge and skills with other teachers to carry the torch. It’s a gift.”
— Tokey Hill, World Champion & Director of USA Karate

"Over 20 years ago my wife and I brought our son, Kiel, then an 8 year old child with CP and visual impairments to Sensei Jeff Kohn to see if he could teach him karate. It turned out to be one of the most positive experiences influencing Kiel's development. Somehow, Sensei Kohn seems to know what each child specifically needs to achieve personal, and often general greatness. Kiel went on to earn his black belt and a whole new attitude about the limitations that disability might impose. I am awed that a sensei who has trained many national and international champions would focus his talents on children with disabilities."
— Ken Moses Ph.D., parent

"The first time I came into the dojo I was only six. I was falling down a lot. I met Sensei who became my best friend. He called me Hercules and helped me learn to walk. Sensei is someone I look up to. He wants me to be my best."
— Michael McCarthy, student

"Sensei Kohn has a gift. Through sensei's "tough love," his great sensitivity and strength, my son, for the first time in his 12 year old life, has reached inside and found the motivation to set goals for himself … and challenge himselfto reach those goals."
— Harriet Seitler, parent

"We had done all we could in Occupational Therapy. We wanted to find something that would include Lindsey in an activity with other kids, someting that would be more pertinent to her life. For Lindsey there are no words to express how much karate has helped her to process and become more coordinated, it has become invaluable."
— Debbie Cogan, parent

"My son has sensory integration dysfunction and low muscle tone. Karate has helped with his strength, balance, processing and motor planning abilities. I have seen an improvement in his confidence and he has also become more independent."
— Beth Jerva, parent

"Karate has impacted my son's life tremendously. When he started at the dojo he was four and a half and couldn't jump off the ground. He is 15 years old now, taking his blue belt test, riding a bike, skiing, playing baseball, basketball, and swimming. He is fully athletic.
— Rebecca Fishman, parent

"As one of Sensei Kohn's first "special needs kids" I am honored to have the opportunity to write this testimonial on his behalf. At the age of eight, I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (TS). My mother had witnessed me performing multiple physical mannerisms" … read more

— Darren Brenner

"As a medical professional who works with children who have impairments I am often astounded by their resilience and resoive to participate in the same activities as their 'able-bodied' peers. My own cousin Matthew" … read more
— Marcus Cassar