2014 USNKF Nationals

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Jenny McCarthy with Sensei Kohn and Lisa Rosen at Autism Speaks Golf Outing sponsored by Abt


We are NOT another karate school

Take a look around the North Shore Dojo and you will see there are more than just the thousands of national and international medals and trophies surrounding the walls. Yes, these are a testament to Master Instructor (Shihan) Jeff Kohn's skills and attributes as a world-class and renowned teacher. But there are other sights as well.

Look around and you will see pictures of older students like Blake Sloan hoisting the Stanley Cup as a member of the Dallas Stars or Don Yamauchi who has developed into an internationally renowned chef. Turn your head again and you will find articles defining Michael McCarthy's record-breaking climb of the Willis Tower after being born without lower extremities, or Darren Brenner who, with Tourette Syndrome, was taught the attributes necessary to become a national karate team member and distinguished gastroenterologist at Northwestern University.

You will see pictures of 30 years of students from all walks of life who have maintained friendships for decades due to their experiences in this dojo and with Sensei Kohn. You will find plaques with over 200 names of members of this dojo who achieved the rank of black belt--many of whom have become karate instructors themselves. There is no finer accolade than to be known as the teacher of teachers. Finally, look up into the rafters and you will see posters, banners, and flags from karate tournaments all over the world where North Shore Dojo athletes and Sensei Kohn have competed and coached.

No, this is not another karate school, but a family-based dojo seeking to allow individuals the opportunity to work beyond limitations and garner skills necessary to be successful in all endeavors.

"Many people would argue that the skills and lessons I have learned are inherent to the martial arts. I would not disagree with this assessment, but would argue that it takes a special teacher to nurture and hone these skills. Sensei Kohn is truly a teacher with a special gift to strengthen both the body and mind. It is with the utmost confidence that I support Sensei Kohn in his current endeavor and would recommend his program to anyone with the highest of confidence."


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— Darren Brenner, MD
Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine
Northwestern Memorial Hospital